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Society is considered the result of the interaction of individuals in a small or large group. Through education, students understand the importance of social values ​​such as justice, fair play, healthy competition and harmony. Education encourages people to be accountable to society and the nation..

In his study of Tajik proverbs, Bell noted in his articles that he “consistently reflects Tajik values” and “reflects focused and specific values ​​in frequently observed articles.” There is a growing interest in using intentional articles for support and promotion, usually to achieve goals. changes in society. Articles have also been used to promote health, such as promoting breastfeeding with a handkerchief, which wrote the Swahili proverb “Breast milk is sweet.” Education can make him an effective member of society. This training helps a person to make the most of his potential.

Listen respectfully to each student and often ask for feedback. If you notice bullying among your peers, mix politely and respectfully.

According to Dewey, this means that students must interact with the environment to adapt and learn. Dewey believed that the same idea applies to teachers and that teachers and students should learn together..

Education with social goals guides the development of society. Central ethics for Devi the important thing in education was democracy. The classroom is a source of education for people of all ages.

His views on the subject were deeply rooted in democratic ideas and advocated an equal voice among all participants in this learning experience. Founded in 1929, Fenn School is one of the few private schools that uses its motto as a powerful tool to guide its students…. “At the heart of Fenn’s philosophy is our motto, Sua Sponte. When boys begin to understand its meaning not just as a motto, but as a way of life, they are going to embody Fenn’s character.” The school motto has been translated as “On Your Responsibility”.

School ideas for slogans

Whether you are studying on a schedule or applying to college, Classroom is the answer. Dewey believed that teachers should never force students to meet requirements. Instead of entering a classroom with certain expectations, accept students from different cultures, religions and families.

Search for empirical evidence to assess whether proverbs reflect cultural values, some enumerated proverbs that support different values. For example, the Moon listed the top 10 cultural values ​​of Ghanaian Builsa society, as explained in these articles. He found that 18% of the articles he analyzed supported the value of being a member of society and not of being independent. This confirmed other evidence that community involvement in the community was significant among Builsa.

The role of teacher education in cultivating a professional teacher in the classroom

Respect students who wear different or unusual clothes according to individual school rules. Devi They also believed in a democratic classroom in which students could freely express their views..

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